Are Old Game Systems Worth The Money?

Every day we dedicate more time and effort to ​​earning money to satisfy our basic needs. However, a part is destined to do what we like the most.

We can analyze old game systems' worth in many ways. Curious new players feel fascinated by the history and evolution of what casual gamers usually take for granted when it comes to gameplay, visuals and sound effects in video games. In contrast, others want to remember good times or finally settle scores with some invincible villain they could never beat during childhood.

Currently, the price of an older gaming system ranges from $ 80 to $ 200 in a serious game shop which is roughly the equivalent of 47% of the launch price on average. The cost depends on the games available, quality, and the impact they have caused among the fans.

On the other hand, if you have an old game system and wonder if you can get a lot of money for it, the perspective is very different unless you have something scarce and extraordinary in your hands. To the disappointment of some, the best-selling and most famous consoles aren't worth thousands of dollars today, but that doesn't mean you can't get anything for them. As expected, the visual aspect of the equipment, the functionality, and whether it retains some accessories (if applicable) have a lot to do with the informal sale price; if you intend to sell to a reseller, then the demands will be much higher to get a reasonable sale price. It all boils down to how well you treated your console. Do you want to know about your console's potential value? Well, let's get started.

6 Old Game Systems That Are Worth Money

Here we tell you about some of the most common and best valued old gaming systems. Those that anyone can keep at home and that sometimes can be worth some money.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The successful box-like gray device essentially kickstarted the video game industry and launched the most popular video game series such as Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda. Nintendo fans consider anything related to this console as good pieces of history and there are potential buyers willing to pay considerable sums, provided you have the rarest titles in good condition.

If you have all the accessories and have kept them well, then congratulations, you are the owner of a treasure that you can sell for more than $50 depending on the games and accessories that accompany it. Its current retail resale cost is approximately $90 (console only), supplements are sold individually. Compared to its launch price in 1985 ($299,99), it can be considered valuable. 

Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was an excellent competitor during the 16-bit era and maintained worthy followers until today. It remains in the memory of those who witnessed the famous Console Wars of the '90s and the confrontation between the fast Blue Hedgehog and the endearing Mario.

Sega Genesis was launched in the US in August 1989 with a launch price of $189; with more than 900 games, it managed to sell more than 30 million copies.

If you think that because it lost the battle it is not worth anything, you are wrong. Its current cost hovers around $89 and not in vain, as its legacy includes some of the best games such as Sonic The Hedgehog series, Altered Beast, Mortal Kombat, Golden Axe, and many others that are still in force. In an informal market, you can sell a good one for $30 to $50.

Super Nintendo

The best-selling of its generation and Nintendo's gladiator in the War of the Consoles, mentioned above. It was released in September 1991 in a Pack with Super Mario World, with a sale price of $ 199, if you have one, you can get $40 to $60, on average. Renewed, the cost is superior, already by the $200.

This old game system sold more than 49 million units, total tridimensional graphics, and famous games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country paid off and won over fans, making the SNES is a fun piece of history.

PlayStation 1

In 1995 Sony made its best move with its PlayStation 1 console launch, becoming one of the most popular consoles of the 5th generation. The introductory price for the US ($ 299.99) was below its best competitor, and in Japan they brought the value even lower than that, a bold move that turned out very well for them.

If you are lucky and have one in good condition, you can get $15 to $35 for it among fans. The CD lowered costs, something that advocates of the "more resistant" cartridges could not beat. This and games like Final Fantasy VII, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear, made the PS1 a success. In formal stores, you can get fully tested and guaranteed ones for around $160.

PlayStation 2

If base ourselves on sales alone, then the PS2 has the award of being the best-selling in history; more than 160 million units have been sold in 13 years of history, from its launch in 2000. It was the unprecedented winner of the sixth generation, with the most titles in its game catalog.

Without a doubt, it is a console that is worth having, for the simple fact of being retro and at the same time very ahead of its time. However, if you want to sell yours, you may get about $ 80, although as we have indicated previously, the cost of sale is variable. In its year of launch, the sale price was $ 299; they formally cost around $150 in stores with good reputation.

Original Xbox

Now, let's talk about Microsoft. In 2001 the computer giant launched its Original Xbox, one of the pioneers of multiplayer games, offering its users the online video game service called Xbox Live and other improvements.

Despite not being unbeatable in the sixth generation, 24 million units sold worldwide is not so bad. It has a game catalog that includes the Halo series, Forza Motorsport, Fable, and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The launch price was $ 299; and currently, they sell for about $190 in the best stores.

FAQs About Old Game Systems That Are Worth Money

Some questions cross your mind? Here we answer some of them.

Which is the best retro console?

When it comes to choosing the best, feelings come into play, and it is difficult for everyone to agree on which retro game system takes the title.

However, there are ways to justify our choice. The best retro console in terms of impact on the public, game catalog, and sales indicators, and durability over time is, in our opinion, the PS1.

The PlayStation 1 marked a before and after by the mere fact of liberating us from the expensive cartridges, and although this brought other problems, we have all been able to deal with them. It was also the beginning of a long list of successes for Sony, with the PS2 revolutionizing the gaming scene as well, taking the achievements of its predecessor further. 

As for the game catalog, PS1 is an title diversity behemoth, giving life to series that seem not to go out of style. Many of its games were so good, that they continue to see remakes in the newer consoles.

How much did video games cost in 2000?

We have already talked too much about consoles, but what about video games?

It was not easy for the parents of the first generations to pay for this type of entertainment since the cartridges were not what can be called "cheap," taking inflation into account, a video game from the 16-bit era could cost up to $130 today.

With the advent of CD, costs tended to fall, although it was not such an immediate effect. However, by 1997 video games were more accessible.

Although there are melancholic people who would not sell their video games for anything in the world, if we talk about the current average cost of a video game for retro consoles, we would have to warn that the range of prices goes from $ 5 to $ 3000. We show you an average of current costs, considering individual fees from the rarest and most coveted video games to the least valued market.

Game System

Average current Video Game Price ($)



Sega Genesis






Original Xbox




Do consoles lose money?

When you think about selling your retro game system, first evaluate its condition and the accessories and games that you could offer with it. Maybe you have a Treasure at home and you have not realized it yet. In my personal opinion, a video game console will never be a waste of money unless it is damaged. You can always get some benefit from it, be it money or just a good time. Remember that many resellers are willing to buy equipment and games.

Final Words

After knowing a little more about the old game systems and looking at their actual monetary value, who still owns a retro console in good condition has an excellent opportunity to earn some money since there is a hungry hobbyist and collector market.

If you have some of the hidden gems, then the better! Some games can be sold at ridiculous prices, provided you find the right buyer.

Thoughts? Questions? make yourself at home, at Retrolio Games we have your back when it comes to getting to know your retro consoles better!

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