Best Selling NES Games to Play with Your Family

NES, the name of the revolution in the gaming industry, is still considered as a pioneer. This is the reason that NES games are still widely sold and played today.

Here, I would like to present the best-selling NES games of all-time that are still worthy enough to tickle retro feeling inside your head.

Best-Selling NES Games of All-Time

Ready for a detailed review of each best-selling game on NES? Let’s roll on.

Super Mario Bros (1985)

What could possibly sell more Nintendo than Mario games? - There is absolutely no need to wonder why Super Mario Bros. tops up the chart with the best-selling NES game of all-time.

The jumping journey of side scrolling-game began in 1985. With its release, it quickly became the reason for the Nintendo Entertainment System’s fame. And people wanted to buy console only to experience the Mushroom Kingdom.

Nobody knew that this game will become the first title of a giant franchise that took over the market for more than a decade.

Copies Sold: 40 Million+ (Worldwide)

Duck Hunt (1984)

Zapper’s favorite! Duck Hunt entered the NES shooting world when the gaming industry lacked action genre. People liked the gameplay of targetting and shooting duck hovering on the screen.

Despite the repetitive and unprogressive nature, this game is one of the most played games on NES and the reason people buy Zapper along with the NES console. Later on, this game was featured on Wii, Switch, and other consoles too.

Due to its kids-friendly nature, the game is still ideal, unlike the modern shooting games creating violence.

Copies Sold: 28 Million+ (Worldwide)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)

According to some gaming gurus, Super Mario Bros. 3 was even better than its prequel. Sliding down slopes and flying up were the new features in this title. Having a world map with new sets of levels and lots of fun, Super Mario Bros. 3 is packed with thrilling adventure.

It is still praised by many because of the nostalgia it brings - The game is waiting for you on NES console.

Copies Sold: 18 Million+ (Worldwide)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)

It’s one of the rare sequels of NES that was anticipated more than the prequel. Mario and Luigi return with some exciting journeys ahead on their way with Princess Toadstool and Toad. With some brand-new characters, the game is even better in terms of gameplay and storyline.

Although released in 1988, the game still continues to bring back retro feeling when you cheer along with the family.

Copies Sold: 7 Million+ (Worldwide)

The Legend Of Zelda (1986)

One of its own kind, the legend of Zelda never disappointed with its strategic gameplay and invaluable maps. And this title was just a start to the ever-long reign of this franchise. The game centers around Link’s journey, whose quest is to rescue Princess Zelda. For that, he fights his way through Ganon.

Not to mention its vast success manipulated to creators to further amplify the gaming experience by bringing it back on Wii, GameCube, and Nintendo 3DS. It’s one of the best selling games on NES and the first to reach one-million mark sales.

Copies Sold: 7 Million+ (Worldwide)

Tetris (1989)

Tetris needs no introduction at all - The sheer example of why the classic games are love, Tetris is our personal favorite and still one of the best selling games on any platform, not just NES.

Although the game was available to play since 1984, it conquered the NES console in 1989 with its release. The colorful brick puzzle keeps you fascinated throughout, and you’ll keep grinding to get the best score again and again!

If it’s not on your gaming shelves yet, join the party now with millions of NES gamers around who admire this incredible masterpiece.

Copies Sold: 6 Million+ (Worldwide)

Dr. Mario (1990)

When did Mario become a doctor? In July 1990, as soon as he saw the success of Tetris.

It’s astonishing to see how people loved both games, and many purchased it with Tetris. The game features Mario as a doctor who is on a mission to eradicate viruses with its unique capsules.

It’s still in the spotlight due to its release on mobile, pc, and other gaming consoles. Most of the buyers were the ones who loved the Mario franchise since day one.

Copies Sold: 5 Million+ (Worldwide)

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link (1987)

Zelda’s franchise came back with a beautiful second installment of the series that features side-scrolling gameplay. The game doesn’t look relatively similar to its prequel because of significant changes, but it was a big success.

Nobody knew that Link's "magic meter" and the Dark Link character would become the integral parts of the future titles.

If you’re an action-adventure fan, this game feels like heaven.

Copies Sold: 4 Million+ (Worldwide)

ExciteBike (1985)

Finally, a motocross video game in the list of best selling NES games that delivers an addictive and unique biking experience. The game raced in November 1984 on NES console, and since then, a huge success.

Compete with computer to race your wheels to the finish line and watch how your friends react over the win!

Surely not among the top 5, but still considered a classic retro game for NES console. After its wide popularity, many developers referenced back to its unique contests.

Copies Sold: 4 Million+ (Worldwide)

Golf (1984)

Golf is the only ball-sport game that could feature in the best selling list for NES games. Developed by Nintendo’s former CEO, this game had a smooth simulation with beautiful landscapes.

The original Golf game had many reloaded versions later on Wii and GameCube, but the uniqueness still remains the same.

Grab a copy of Golf today if you like to hit balls into the series of holes in minimum strokes.

Copies Sold: 4 Million+ (Worldwide)

Final Words

I wonder if the NES craze will ever go down with time because 30 years is a more than enough period for a game console to lose its shine.

Even though new gaming consoles continue to enter the market, NES classics compete with them in significant numbers.



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