How to Recycle Old Game Systems?

Recycling is the best way around if your old game console is in no condition to resell or donate. At least, it’s better than trashing them and becoming a cause of pollution. But how do you recycle your old game system?

The best way to recycle the old game consoles is by finding a retailer like Best Buy and Microsoft Trade-in Program that accepts the trade of old game systems. We’ve also discussed the best retailers in detail.  

Without further ado, jump right in. 

Can You Recycle Old Game Systems? 

Just like other electric equipment, old game systems can be recycled. 

You see, game consoles cannot be put into the recycle bins of plastic, iron, or magnesium – and disassembling all their parts can get tricky. So, the way around is the retailers that accept entire game consoles. 

Retailers like Best Buy accept a variety of game systems from all categories of the old ones from Nintendo Switch, Wi, and so on. Microsoft Trade-in Program and Nintendo also feature the facility of trade. They generally estimate the value of your product and pay accordingly. If it’s worthless, they recycle it. 

But how do you recycle old game systems? Let’s see. 

How To Recycle Old Game Systems

Following are the detailed steps to take for recycling an old game system.

Identify Issues

First, you have to make sure your old game system doesn’t contain any faults. If a product doesn’t serve the purpose, it’s manufactured for, what’s the use? It’s almost worthless.

The same is with the old game systems. Regardless of how old yours is, it should be able to game on. Now, when it comes to the identification of issues, you have to consider several aspects and make sure:

  • The controller and all the keys are working
  • The mechanism of the game system is working
  • The cables are 100% okay

    And so on. But what if your old game console contains a fault or two? Here’s what to do. 

    Fix What You Can

    Now that you’ve found the major issues with your old game console, it’s time to get them fixed. Many common problems don’t require rocket science and can be easily fixed at home. 

    For example, the Ram in the computer often requires cleaning – and doesn’t restrict you to take your computer to the repair shop. The same is with game consoles. Often, the components require cleaning only, and the issue gets resolved. 

    If there’s still room for repair, it’s time to move towards: 

    Repair Shop

    Of course, not everyone is tech-savvy and cannot fix the technical issues on their own. In this condition, a repair shop is a way to go. 

    Explain to the mechanic all the issues you’ve experienced – he might be able to solve them. But there are two things you shouldn’t ignore.

    Firstly, make sure you ask the mechanic to analyze the game system completely – there could still be some issues. Secondly, don’t forget to check out whether your game system is working perfectly – after you get it fixed and bring it home. 

    So, you’ve got the issues solved and are 100% sure that your game system doesn’t contain faults anymore. What now? Here’s a suggestion.

    Play On HDTVs

    You see, the old game consoles can really be too old – and thus, result in being incompatible with the HDTV you may be using. So, the way around is to get the problem solved – before it even arises. 

    In order to make your old game console look good on HDTV, you need to;

    • Choose the right cables – the most efficient ones
    • Use an external scaler – whichever is compatible with your monitor ports
    • Enable game mode – if available on your monitor

    Click here to have more profound knowledge on making your old game system look good on HDTV.

    FAQs About Recycling Old Game Systems 

    Following are the answers to most searched queries related to recycling old game systems. 

    Can you recycle old games?

    The old game consoles can be recycled – without even having to disassemble them to recycle the parts separately. Retailers like Best Buy and Microsoft Trade-in Program are the best way to recycle old game systems. 

    The procedure of trade at such platforms is quite the same. They ask you for all the necessary information like condition, accessories, model of your game system, calculate the worth, and pay accordingly. 

    But since old game systems are old, the market considers them worthless even if there’s a minor fault. You don’t get paid in such a condition, but the product is still accepted for recycling. 

    What can I do with my old NES console? 

    An old NES console can be made to use for donation, reselling, recycling, or reusing – it all depends on your product's condition and criteria.

    The old NES consoles were released in 1980-1990. So naturally, the condition of such a decades-old game system is more likely to be worthless. But if yours still works fine, it could be resold at Retrolio Games or donated to organizations like GetWellGames.

    On the other, the best way to dispose of a useless NES console is recycling – platforms like Best Buy and Microsoft Trade-in Program are good to go. 

    Are old Nintendo games worth anything? 

    Not all of them, but the popular old Nintendo games are worth it – even today. In fact, the rare and invaluable Nintendo games could still earn you hundreds of bucks. 

    You see, Nintendo has ruled the gaming industry for over 40 years and is still recognized as the best old game systems manufacturer. With this kind of reputation in the market, the famous Nintendo games are in demand and resellable. 

    Following are the rarest and in-demand Nintendo games:

    • The Legend Of Zelda, Majora's Mask
    • Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages & Seasons
    • Cheetahmen II
    • DuckTales – Gold Cartridge Edition
    • Donkey Kong Country Competition Edition

    What can you do with broken video games?

    The broken games – containing a mechanical problem – are primarily worthless. You could barely find a buyer since broken games don’t allow simultaneous enjoyment. So, the best way to dispose of broken video games is by recycling. 

    The old video games are generally in the form of CDs built up of multiple harmful materials. On melting – when trashed – these could cause severe damage to the environment by increasing pollution. 

    This way, recycling is the only solution at hand. There are multiple organizations like Electronic Recyclers International, Inc that recycle electronic waste.   


    After all, the environment is what we will live in. So the best you can do to keep it safe is to adopt the habit of recycling products. And we appreciate that you want to recycle an old game system and join hands to save our atmosphere. 

    In this guide, we’ve laid down the best retailers that accept old game systems. But, if you’re planning on recycling one, Best Buy or Microsoft Trade-in Program is the way to go. 

    We hope this article provided you with all the information you were looking for. Happy recycling!

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