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Scams are everywhere!

Don’t get yourself scammed by a ‘fake sega genesis cartridge’ seller. Avoiding them is easy, and a little research would save your precious game progress and money.

Fake cartridges are everywhere; Retro stores, online shops, ecommerce dealers. You should be careful when buying your copy.

Why Should You Avoid Fake Sega Genesis Cartridges

Fake is fake, original is original. Period.

No matter how good is the quality of a fake cartridge, it can never compete with the original sega copy.

Here are the top three reasons that demotivate you from buying counterfeit cartridges:

The Game Won’t Load

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy a game, you want to play it on the comfort of your couch, but it doesn’t load? It turns off the mood not only because you have nothing to play but also that you lost good money for that fake product.

The Game Will Have Bugs

If, fortunately, your game loads, you will surely see a lot of bugs, errors, or lack of smoothness in the gameplay. With time, your game won’t be even playable because it will keep getting stuck at the loading screen or won’t proceed after a certain level.

You’ll Lose Your Game Progress

Do you know what hurts the most? When you spend hours of your precious time and reach a certain level, but the game resets all of your progress. You can’t do anything about it except starting your campaign again.

8 Tips to Avoid Fake Sega Genesis Cartridges

In this article, I’m going to show you a couple of quick ways through which you can avoid buying counterfeit genesis cartridges.

Look for Crisp Printing

Did you know that fake sega genesis games reproducers can reproduce game boxes too? Well, now you’re aware.

With a little attention, you can easily identify if the text print is blurred. If you’re unable to read the text at the bottom of the game case, you’re probably holding a fake one.

Everything must look nice and clear. Sometimes, fake game cases have inkjet lines and fuzzy images that aren’t present in genuine SEGA cases.

Original Sega Genesis Cartridges

Seal Quality

Is the seal nice and crisp? Is it easy-to-read?

These are the questions you should ask yourself when identifying counterfeit genesis cartridges.

Reproducers can print a fake seal but can’t exactly use the color combinations and print quality. The super-fuzzy logo and weird colors are early signs that tell you NOT to buy it!

Back Structure (Debossing and Screws)

The most prominent area through which you can spot the fake cartridge signs is its back.

Look for the two metal screws that are tight enough to hold the cartridge through the case. If you have a fake game, the screw material will be plastic. (Sometimes, they will appear as screws, but they are not)

The indentation of the printed text at the back should be very fine. Counterfeit games lack the debossing smoothness, which is a sign of a fake sega genesis cartridge.


Don’t buy it? Weight is a great way to judge if your game is fake or real.

Genuine sega cartridges weigh heavier than the fake one’s generally because of good quality material of the casing and the cartridge.


If you try to open the fake cartridge, you’ll see there are no screws in it. It’s the plastic molding only that holds the cartridge together.

A weird plastic sign is a giveaway too that the product is fake. It is very flimsy and easy to break.

The surface mount chip might have some wear on the pins. The plastic above the chip is for the sake of spacing and holding into the cartridge so that it centers in the middle.

An easy way of identifying it is that you take a screwdriver with you in the market and test if the mounted chip is fake or genuine.

Pins Color

Fake sega genesis cartridges have white pins commonly while the color of the real pins is brown.  You can clearly see the color of the pins at the bottom of the cartridge.

There might be some wear and tear signs on the surface of the pin. Do not buy such cartridges as they won’t play or will cause bugs.

Glossy Label

Can you recognize the shine and gloss of the original sega genesis label? If not, then you’re at risk of buying fake genesis copy.

Avoid Fake Sega Genesis Games

Fake labels are matte, not having enough shine and gloss.

Seller Authenticity

You can avoid getting scammed in the first place if you know who’s your seller. A genuine and authentic retro games seller can guarantee you an original copy of the sega genesis game.

You’re spending dollars on getting your favorite game. Don’t hesitate to examine the game by asking the seller to open it. The seller won’t refuse your request if he is trustworthy.

How Can You Avoid Buying Counterfeit Genesis Games

The most important thing is to consider the reputation of your game seller. Retro games aren’t easily available everywhere. Therefore, retro games are available at authentic retro stores only.

Make sure that they have a proper refund policy so that if you feel that your game is reproduced, you reach out to them for a quick refund. There is no better way of making sure that you don’t lose your money.

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