How to Make Old Game Systems Look Good On HDTV?

What’s worse than having your eyes come bleeding when unable to see your character clearly in the game? If you’ve tried running an old game system on an HDTV, you probably know what I’m talking about.

The best way of making the old game systems look good on HDTV is by choosing the right cable – with maximum output, using an external scaler, and enabling game mode on your display (if available). 

In this guide, I’ll cover: 

  • How to connect old game systems to new TVs
  • How to make old game consoles look good on HDTV
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Let’s get started.

Can You Connect Old Game Systems to New TVs?

The answer varies from console to console – but most of them can be connected to your brand new TV. However, there might be a requirement of using an adapter to make the both devices connectable. Now, the question: how to connect old game schools to HDTVs?

First things first, take a close look at the ports of your TV. If it contains ports like RCA/Component, Coaxial, or such, your console is most likely to be “connectable” with your old game console because these ports are what they often contain. 

But if your TV doesn’t have any of such ports, it’ll surely have an HDMI port – a common display port used among most HDTVs today. But since most old game consoles lack HDMI, using an HDMI connector is the best possible solution. 

Regardless of the type of the ports used in old game consoles – such as Coaxial port, Component port – HDMI connectors are available in the market. Just get one and that’s it. 

With that said, let’s come to the main point. 

How to Make Old Game Systems Look Good On HDTV? 

Here, we will elaborate on the different ways of making an old game system look good on HDTV rather than blurry.

Choose the Right Cables

If you want to get the best display out of your HDTV when connected to an old game console, choosing the right cables is an essential step. The old game systems have had a large revolution of display ports and each comes with a different output. 

For connecting your game consoles to an HDTV, it’s essential to choose the most efficient cable possible – unless it doesn’t support both the HDTV and game console. 

All you have to do is evaluate which ports are available – it’s still okay if you have to use a connector – and use the most efficient one. I would recommend going with SCART or Component – provided that your HDTV and game console support these. 

With that said, let’s come to the second most efficient tip.

Use an External Scaler

Using an external scaler to connect your game console to the HDTV is an effective way of boosting the display accuracy and making the old game systems look good on HDTV. But what is an external scaler? What is it used for? Let’s see. 

An external scaler or video scaler is generally a small device that converts the display resolution. In other words, it can be used to increase the display resolution to enjoy quality-display gaming regardless of the lower display output of your game console. 

Using an external display levels up the immersiveness of your HDTV and results in an incredible display accuracy. 

Enable Game Mode if Possible

The majority of High-Definition TVs these days come with the game mode feature. It lowers the display response rate for providing you a better gaming experience. At the same time, the game mode slightly increases the display quality and skips the high-rendering effects for simultaneous display. 

But of course, not all the HDTVs support his feature. To find out about yours, click on present modes in the display menu and select game mode if available. If it isn’t, using the external scaler is still a great way of getting the job done. 

FAQs About Old Game Systems On New TVs 

Here we answer the most searched queries related to connecting old game systems with new TVs and making the display look better. 

How do I connect my old Super Nintendo to my new TV?

To connect your old Super Nintendo to a new TV, find the Audio/Video ports on the back of your TV. Now, place the different ends of the stereo cable to the back of the TV and connect the standard plug of stereo cable into the multi-out connector on the back of the control deck. 

That’s it – your Super Nintendo is now connected to your brand new TV!

Do old consoles look better on old TVs?

The old game consoles look the best on the old TVs due to compatibility of ports and similarity of display resolutions. The game systems of the 1970s-1980s work well with the TVs of the same age due to their development according to the same standards. 

For example, if “720x480” was the standard resolution in 1990, the game consoles and TVs of that time are most likely to be developed with this resolution in mind. While the resolution standard of today’s age is something like 2K, 4K, or 8K. Therefore, old game consoles look better on old TVs.

Why do old games look bad on new TVs?

The old games were developed with the resolution standard of that time in mind. While the new TVs generally pack with a larger screen that supports 1080p, 2K, or 4K resolutions. Therefore, the old game consoles don’t look good on these new TVs. 

Will old Nintendo work on a new TV?

The old Nintendo works on the new TVs but it might require a connector. Whether your old Nintendo supports RCA port or composite port, you can easily find an HDMI-converter in the market and connect to your brand new TV to revive old gaming. 


Having to go through a pixelated gaming experience – where things look blurry and ruin your gaming accuracy – can be really annoying sometimes. Especially when you brand new HDTV for a game console and find out it doesn’t support that much resolution. 

Now you not only know how to make old game systems look good on HDTV, but also a few effective tips on making the job easier.

We hope it helped you save time and money, and enjoy the best out of your retro gaming.

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