The Most Amazing Games For The PSP

The Playstation Portable (PSP) was the first compact console developed by Sony. It was not only used for video games, as it also connects to the internet and plays videos and other multimedia content.

Imagine having this feature on a pocket console in 2004. What a way to be the coolest person in the room!

There are more than a thousand titles developed for PSP. So, of course, if you are planning to get one, you will need some assistance to start your collection with good footing.

So, why don't you lay back for a moment and read this list we prepared for you?

A Curated List Of PSP Essentials

God of War: Chains of Olympus

One of the sagas with the most followers is God of War, and the PSP surely leveraged this. Chains of Olympus was released in 2008 exclusively for the handheld console.

In this unique installment, you will enter the epic mythological world again with Kratos, who must complete the missions demanded by the Gods of Olympus and defeat terrible enemies.

Immersed in battle, he will fight against the Goddess Persephone and the Titan Atlas to avoid Olympus' destruction.

This game, developed by Ready at Dawn studio, is a prequel to previous releases and was an absolute success.


If we are going to talk about addictive games, any PSP gamer will immediately mention Luminies. Sold for the first time in 2005, this game is entertaining and more.

It is reminiscent of Tetris as the concept is the same as the classic arcade game. You have to fit colored blocks by moving them in different directions to complete rows so that they disappear and don't fill the screen.

If you are a fan of brain gymnastics, Luminies is an exciting option that you cannot miss on your PSP.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Action games are always great, but Metal Gear Solid is on the next level. This popular saga had its release for PSP in 2010 with Peace Walker.

With the best resolution on portable consoles to date and incredible graphics, this Metal Gear brings us back to Snake, the elite soldier we already know.

This time his goal is to stop Peace Walker, the first Metal Gear created with legs who has been programmed to launch nuclear missiles and create a world catastrophe.

In a terrain where you do not know who is friend or enemy, Snake must do everything possible to enter the laboratory where Peace Walker's brain is developing and stop the plan, but this mission will not be easy.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker masterfully represents this saga, and fans were fascinated, so much so that in 2011 it was launched in an HD version.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Launched in 2005 exclusively for PSP and with a multiplayer system, GTA: Liberty City Stories centers on how the Leone family took the power of the streets of Liberty City with the return of Toni Cipriani after 4 years of living abroad.

Don Salvatore Leone celebrates Toni's return and immediately gives him a job under Vicenzo Cilli. Vicenzo tries to assassinate Toni to take his place in the Leone family but fails. Toni kills him first.

Toni becomes Salvatore's henchman as he has proven his loyalty many times in the Leone family's war against the Sindacco and the Forelli.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has the place of honor for being the best-selling game on the console.


In 2006 Ready at Dawn studio launched Daxter, Jack's inseparable friend in the popular Jack and Daxter saga. He made his solo debut with this exclusive game for PSP.

This time, Jack has been captured by the Crimson Guard, so Daxter launches himself on this great adventure to find him and free him.

This easy-to-play and incredibly addictive game enchanted fans of the franchise. It ended up becoming one of the most successful games on the console.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection

Tekken has always been an OK game in the arcades. Still, the game became the legendary success it is now thanks to Sony's releases for home consoles.

The Playstation Portable had the chance to run one of the franchise's installments, and Tekken: Dark Ressurection was the latest arcade release, so it was a natural fit.

The game takes Tekken 5 and improves it, adding more characters, new moves, more options, and backgrounds. 

Notably, this game had superb graphics that made people ask themselves, "Is this really a portable device?"

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet is an adaptation of the original game released in 2009 for PS3. This exclusive version for PSP simplifies the game graphics and layers but is still extremely fun and entertaining.

After its release, it received amazing reviews for being as good as the nonportable version. 

An obstacle race, full of deadly traps and mazes, lead the lovable Sackboy to overcome the incredible 7 scenarios of the game that range from China and the Middle East to Hollywood and Latin America.

Little Big Planet is definitely a fun world that you can't miss on your PSP.


This game collects various concepts from previous games and creates an amalgam that results in a masterful and creative experience. Very resembling Puzzle Quest, Patapon incudes a puzzle gaming style with some combat elements.

You will also be able to improve your character and enjoy a story that could very well place the whole thing in the RPG genre. 

What Patapon does differently, though, is blending rhythm-based mechanics with horizontal gameplay with strategic sprinkles here and there.

The visuals are really there as well, making this game a unique experience. Truly, something like this was never done before.

Dessidia Final Fantasy

An exclusive delivery of a Final Fantasy game for the PSP excited fans from its announcement in 2007 until its launch in 2008.

With heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy Universe, the game story focuses on the battle between Cosmos, Goddess of Harmony, and Chaos, God of Discord.

After being defeated, Cosmos must lead the best warriors to beat Chaos and his army of villains in fantastic battles. The goal of Cosmos is to get bringing harmony and light back to the world.

With the best graphics seen on PSP and the magnificent typical Final Fantasy settings, Dissidia does not disappoint fans and is one of the most popular games on the portable so far.

Silent Hill Origins

Horror is my favorite genre for everything, including movies, series, also video games. That's why the Silent Hill saga could not be out of this list.

Silent Hill Origins was on sale in 2007 for the PSP and in 2008 for the Ps2. It follows the story of Travis Grady, a trucker who dives into the search for a girl whom he saved from a fire in a foggy town surrounded by dark creatures.

Haunted by nightmares and hallucinations, he was unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality. While the search continues, he discovers that the girl's name is Alessa Gillespie, and she is dead.

Traveling between a real-world and an imaginary world, the player's skill will decide the character's destiny in this shocking psychological masterpiece.

Before you Go

The PSP holds a warm place in our hearts, like most handheld consoles, because they are the only way some people can play.

Having a collection of portable devices is a good thing if you like to travel or find yourself so busy that taking some time in front of the TV is not an option.

Whatever your motivation may be, we hope our suggestions are good enough for you to give this console a go. And of course, don't forget to bookmark us for further content!

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