Best Pokemon Games for Nintendo DS

Honestly, Pokémon is one of the most ever-green game series for Nintendo DS fans. It is still popular among Nintendo’s gaming community, and the reason is obvious. It’s the nostalgia and fantasy that brings them back to the Pokémon games.

If you’re one of them, I bet you can’t resist checking out the list of Top 10 Pokémon games for Nintendo DS. I went through several ranking factors based on pros, cons, and popularity, summarized it, and came up with this creative list for the Pokémon lovers.

Let’s roll on!

Pokémon HeartGold

Being a Pokémon fan, you can’t take your eyes off Pokémon HeartGold. Even though it is a remake of Pokémon Gold, the game is pure addiction – Few critics call it the best ever Pokémon game for DS.

Pokémon HeartGold continues the royalty of the Pokémon games series with its compelling graphics and gameplay. Being the most played Pokémon game on Nintendo DS, it’s well above all over its predecessors and successors. Although few of the obsessive fans considered the draw obsolete, Pokedesk upgraded the number of admiring creatures from 150 to whooping 493 later in the Diamond and Pearl versions.

If you’re not familiar with the Pokémon franchise, don’t worry – this game has got what it takes to suck you into the most profound excitement and fantasy.

Like any other Pokémon game, it works on the same principle of becoming the best Pokémon trainer in the world. Challenge yourself in this thrilling adventure and show the world what you’re capable of!

Pokémon White

In general, the Pokémon franchise is liked by younger ones. Therefore, we get to see a new audience playing Pokémon games every year. Because of that, the Pokémon franchise sticks to the same ideology of the game and refrains itself from making considerable changes in the gameplay -- It has worked well for them though!

Pokémon White continues the same concept of playing like a 10-year old kid, wandering here and there, collecting money, and finding Pokémons as you discover the PokeWorld secrets…

The gameplay is smooth and streamlined, thanks to the developers (Game Freak) who worked on little things for congruent experience on Nintendo DS.

Pokémon White offers two fighting styles; Rotation Battles & Triple Battles. I personally prefer Rotation battles because it is more strategic (includes the ability to switch the Pokémon before each turn).

Pokémon SoulSilver

Similar to the Pokémon HeartGold, the game takes place in the Johto region and has a captivating story for the young lads.

Following the instructions of a local Pokémon professor, you help him with his research and go out with a critter for the ultimate adventure. The end goal is to become the top Pokémon trainer.

From catching rarest Pokémon species to training them at the topmost level, Pokémon SoulSilver has got everything that it takes to be the soul of your eyes. Each creature has its own unique abilities, power-ups, and potentials. You can spend hours and hours without getting bored – Side quests and minigames are always an option.

If you own a Nintendo DS and haven’t a Pokémon game yet, I will encourage you to get Pokémon SoulSilver and testify your adventurous limits!

Pokémon Black

Owning a Nintendo DS seems no less than a blessing when you can have your hands on Pokémon Black! Packed with breathtaking action, Pokémon Black follows the same theme and gameplay of the previous Pokémon games.

You, as a Pokémon trainer newbie, start a journey with the two friends – Cheran and Bianca. The local professor in this game is a wise woman – Juniper, who will give you one Pokémon of your choice out of the three – Tepig (the fire pig), Oshawott (the sea otter) and Snivy (the grass snake).

Gym trainers will be the most vigorous opponents to defeat. Before you face them, simple puzzles will block your way until you solve them – Believe me, they are effortless…

If you haven’t played much of the Pokémon titles on Nintendo DS, Pokémon Black is an ideal choice to start with.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness

As a sub-franchise of Pokémon, Mystery Dungeon presents a unique style of turn-based RPG, where you’ll find randomly. The game proceeds through the multi-level dungeons, with each floor representing a completely different dungeon.

Contrary to the regular Pokémon titles, here, the players get the opportunity to play as a Pokémon themselves. As the story progresses, your ultimate goal is to find who turned you into a Pokémon and why.

The Pokémon message board will remind you about future tasks and goals. You’ll have to knock them off to get the new ones. In its result, the story will move forward.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness is indeed a great title on Nintendo DS for young lads.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness is just another version of Explorers of darkness. There isn’t much difference between the two.

Chunsoft, the developers of Mystery Dungeon, did their best to make something new out of the mainstream Pokémon series. Dungeon crawling gameplay is made even more effective by introducing Pokémon elements’ effects. For example, if you’re a fire Pokémon, you will perform better against plant Pokémon. Similarly, a bird Pokémon will play better against a bug one.

You can send an SOS signal to another player on a Wi-Fi connection request him to rescue you if you fail in a dungeon; this feature is called “request a rescue.” You’ll get alerts from your friends on the phone or email, which is very cool!

Pokemon White 2

Undoubtedly, Pokémon White 2 is a well-crafted game for the Nintendo DS console. Don’t just consider it a sequel to the Pokémon White, it offers a vast horizon of exciting gameplay with an astounding amount of fresh content.

Players confront the Unova region as their new adventure place. With spectacular cinematic graphics, Pokémon White 2 makes the full use of Nintendo DS hardware.

As a teenager, you’ll have more competitive and flexing opportunities in the form of the Pokémon World tournament, a brand-new cultivating experience for your battling talent. You’ll have a chance to stand in front of notable gym leaders and previous champions of the titles.

If you’re a hardcore Pokémon gamer, this title should be on your shopping list!

Pokemon Pearl

Pokémon and Nintendo DS – It’s the best pair you can have as a young kid. Another notable title in its series is Pokémon Pearl (by Game Freaks). Addictive design, streamlined gameplay, and an enormous Pokémon database make it a real ambitious Pokémon project. 

The most prominent and newly released feature is the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection support. Players are no longer bound to play within their local areas. They can be in a battlefield with anyone sharing a Wi-Fi connection.

In Pokémon Pearl, the developers worked more on the background functioning instead of audio and visual representation of the gameplay, which was still pretty much enjoyed by the Pokémon lovers.

Do not let the age of the game distract you from the fact that hundreds of its copies get sold daily. You should be the next one to buy it!

Pokemon Diamond

Released as a pair with Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Diamond is capable of drawing your attention and turning you into a Pokémon addict.

Its gameplay is quite well-versed with Nintendo DS console – From the exploration of towns to challenging other trainers, this game is a grand pack of FUN!

With new fresh and exciting Pokémons, its controls and gameplay are a bit different from the regular titles, and one needs time to get used to it. But still, it would satisfy any fan of the previous games because it’s accessibility and online features

If you’re looking for a robust Pokémon game on Nintendo DS, this is your final destination!

Pokémon Black 2

Sequel to the Pokémon Black, this game is a miracle in itself. Unlike other traditional Pokémon games, it has an entire repurposed content for the players.

Although it offers more complexity than its predecessors, it is more accessible at the same time --  in other words, MORE FUN!

Being an avid Pokémon gamer, I like to see continuous improvements in gameplay and storyline.  Pokémon Black 2 fulfills my thirst for both. I can comfortably say that it is more like a refined version of Pokémon Black.

Arguably, it is one of the best Pokémon games on Nintendo DS with ever-lasting vibes of excellent enjoyment. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re missing out!

Pokémon Games for Nintendo DS – Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

The grand journey of Pokémon games did not end here. There are still new Pokémon games available for several consoles. But the retro games have their own class, they remind me of the old-time when I was so happy playing them.

Now that you’ve found the most excellent Pokémon titles for Nintendo DS, it’s time to get ‘em all and relive the nostalgia that you always crave for!

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